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Our Working Process 3 Simple Steps

Takes just 3 quick steps to engage us for professional outsourced software testing services. We have developed a flexible yet transparent way of modelling testing projects. Check our daily/weekly/monthly plans for a wide range of software testing areas and pick what suits you.

1. Understand Your Context

First step is to understand your context as a customer from the perspective of testing services needed, budget, required skills and so on. We can offer help right from this stage

2. Choose a Package

We cover Functional, Usability, Performance and other quality aspects for Web, Desktop & Mobile apps with formal, exploratory testing as well as automated frameworks. Choose from existing packages or let us create one for you!

3. Test & Deliver

SOTEQA would engage in planning, designing, execution and reporting activities related to testing of your software. By helping you in finding bugs as well suggesting product improvements, we help you in delivering high quality software to your end customers/users.


What is Package?

A package defines a unit of outsourced testing work which SOTEQA can undertake. As of now 1 day with 2 testers is the smallest package that we offer.
All packages are inclusive of 1 hour/day project management time at no additional costs.

What are the  Options?

The packages are organized at two levels:

  1. Duration Type: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  2. Testing Area Type: We have bucketed all our current testing services into 5 primary areas:
- Functional Testing,
- GUI Test Automation,
- Advanced Test Automation,
- Performance Testing,
- Security Testing

The pricing is done considering the duration as well as the skill-set required for delivering a particular service.

For Which Testing Areas Do You Need Our Assistance?
Please evaluate for which testing areas you need to outsource testing services. We have divided our services into 5 primary areas. You could go through the online details and decide which area suits your requirement.  

Choose amongst Daily/Monthly/Weekly Packages
Another key decision point is whether you should choose daily, weekly or monthly packages. Click the following link to find an answer. 



Need More Testers?

The ready-to-choose packages are based on 2 full-time testers and 1 hour project management time per day included.
If you need more testers, you can buy multiple units of base packages at the same or different point in time. What's more, we can help in creating a custom package that exactly fits your needs!

Need Custom Package?

We have created ready-to-choose packages for quick reference and selection. If you are not able to select one or if you need us to create a custom package, we can help you with the same.
As an example you want a base package of 1 functional testing engineer and 1 performance test engineer. This needs a customized calculation.

Share your requirement and we would help you out. We are just a message/call away!

More Questions

Kindly check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find answers to the most common questions that customers ask us.
If you are not able to find an answer or you would like to directly write to us, we would be able to answer your questions.