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Software Testing Company

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SOTEQA - Azerbaijan's First Software Testing Company, has been founded in 2012 for assisting its customers to manage their critical software testing processes to reduce the total cost of producing high quality systems. As you know Software testing has become a common and even a mandatory activity in all of the software development projects. For any IT organization or Software Development company, it is always crucial to achieve high quality software and this achievement should happen within incredibly tight schedules and limited budgets. We are a company focused on software testing. SOTEQA provides software testing services and build software to aid in testing. We use a blend of risk-based, context-conscious testing approach with formal and exploratory testing covering all attributes of a software to get to the right answers and overcome the top reasons for failure. SOTEQA provide world class testing services. The Company's employees are ISTQB Certified testers and the best software testing specialists in the country. They got the software testing education abroad and gained experience in the best companies. The combination of SOTEQA's testing services and expertise can assist your organization in realizing test activities as well as test governance and control. 
SOTEQA can also be engaged to assess your current testing methodology and suggest improvements. This may be clubbed with the other services that we offer below: