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Packaged Testing Services

Why packaged testing services?

In outsourced services context, a lot of time is spent on discussions on testing coverage, generating quotations, negotiations and so on. We have also felt a customer is always in doubt while engaging with a testing partner whether the partner has given the best pricing. We want to minimize the time spent on this stage and rather build a web of trust and transparency. So, we have packaged our testing services into ready-to-pick flexible packages. For customized needs, we still offer customized packages to suit your context.

What is a package?

A package is the smallest unit of outsourced software testing for a combination of unit of duration and service area that is necessary for us to take up a project. For all our service areas, the smallest base package is 1 Day (2 full time testers and 1 project management hour for a day)

What are the options in packages?

The packages are grouped by unit of duration – daily, weekly, monthly and then sub-grouped into our 4 primary testing service areas.

What are your primary service testing areas?

We have grouped all our current testing services into 4 primary service area to arrive at a simplified packaging model. They are namely: Functional Testing, GUI Test Automation, Advanced Test Automation and Performance Testing.

Where can I find more details about your 4 testing service areas?

Please check Services page for further details on coverage under the 4 testing service areas.

Testing Packages

What is the meaning of a ‘full-time tester’?

A full-time tester in this context is a tester spending 8 hours per day on project activities as per a package

What if I need more than 2 testers for the same or different project?

We would build a custom package for you. Kindly contact us and we would create a customized package for you.

What should I do if I need another tester?

If you have at least one active package with us in any testing area, we can easily agree for involvement of second tester. But if you haven't any active package we can offer you the package more compatible with 2 experts.

What if I need just 1 tester per different test areas?

We would build a custom package for you. Kindly contact us and we would create a customized package for you.

What is a day as per your packages?

A day of work consists of 8 working hours on a single business day.

What is a week as per your packages?

A week of work consists of 5 continuous working days.