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Performance testing of software is no more an optional testing area. Engage us and see how we can help you in building high performance software using cost-effective tooling and infrastructure.
We have expertise in web performance testing. We develop realistic usage models to accurately simulate the virtual traffic to a website, followed by careful analysis and correlation of the various metrics collected at the client and server ends. We can help you in identification of bottlenecks – the weakest links in the chain of website flow.

Following are some coverage points:
  • Performance Testing: Load Testing/ Stress Testing
  • Realistic Usage Profiles
  • Tools: LoadRunner/ JMeter / WebLoad
  • Bottleneck Identification:
                      - Transaction-level
                      - Operating System Level
                      - Server level (e.g. Apache web server tuning)
  • Performance principles, patterns and anti-patterns
  • Design for better performance